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Precautions for purchasing injection molding machine



For buyers and users of injection molding machines, they should first know how to be a good injection molding machine and what aspects need to be evaluated before they can be reasonably selected and used.

The evaluation criteria of injection molding machines should have the following aspects:

1. The technical parameters of the injection molding machine should be advanced and reasonable. The user can judge by vertical or horizontal comparison. The so-called "longitudinal" means that the main technical parameters of the injection molding machine should meet industry standards and be reviewed according to industry standards. The so-called "horizontal" is to compare the technical parameters of similar injection molding machines at home and abroad. Therefore, this is a very careful scientific work. According to the material, shape, structure, and application fields and specific occasions of the injection molded product; according to the structure, quality, accuracy, number of cavities, the type of runner, and its structure, shape, and size of the mold; according to the day, month, and size of the product The annual production capacity and the degree of automation are used to select the parameters of the injection molding machine at all levels.   

2. The stability, reliability, safety and service life of the machine.
The stability of the machine is mostly manifested in whether the clamping mechanism and the injection molding system are running smoothly in each cycle, working under noise without impact, and the noise must not exceed the industry standard. These conditions are related to the mechanical manufacturing and assembly accuracy, as well as the reasonable design and structure of the toggle link.
Reliability and service life are mainly reflected in the system rigidity of the clamping mechanism, which is related to the structure, size, material and heat treatment process of the template, tie rod, connecting rod and pin shaft; the plastic warping system of the injection molding machine such as the barrel The structure and manufacturing process of the screw, screw, screw head, non-return ring, and screw drive spindle are the main stress and wear parts of the injection molding machine, which directly affect the service life.

3. High degree of automation, complete functions and high production efficiency. Modern injection molding machines can realize manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic operation. As long as the mold design is reasonable, the fully automatic operation from injection molding to ejection and dropping of products can be realized.
It can also be equipped with a manipulator for unmanned operation. The core pulling function, the hydraulic nozzle control function and the rapid heating runner probe function can be programmed into the automation program in the injection molding cycle for automatic circulation. The high production efficiency is mainly reflected in the short molding cycle of each molded product under normal injection molding process conditions.   

4. Energy-saving and environmental protection are already the indicators that cannot be ignored when judging modern injection molding machines. Energy saving mainly reflects the water-saving and power-saving capabilities of the injection molding machine compared with similar machines under normal process conditions when the power drive system, heating system, and heat dissipation system meet the normal process conditions. Modern injection molding machine design should fully consider the theme of "environmental protection". The injection molding machine should prevent hydraulic oil leakage or excessive noise, and work quietly. In addition, the injection molding machine itself should also use more environmentally friendly materials.   

5. Human-machine dialogue ability and operability. The injection molding machine should make its operation and management more user-friendly, the operation should be convenient, the display should be clear, easy to understand, and clear at a glance. It has the function of parameter selection, product quality control, mold data storage and various parameters automatic reproduction function, which can quickly diagnose and eliminate faults, reduce material waste in the shortest time, and restore the normal operation of the system.   

6. Machine maintenance and repair should be convenient. The installation position of various machines such as mechanical, hydraulic, electronic, and electrical components should be conducive to the maintenance and repair of the machine. At the same time, the generalization and standardization of injection molding machines are also very important to users.

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