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high speed plastic injection molding machine


Lisong is according to the customer's needs, customization for the best quality high speed injection molding machines for worldwide customers.

The thermoplastic injection molding industry is very competitive in nature and hence total cycle time (mold open to mold open) is very critical to ensure competitiveness and profitability.

In plastic production line,Fast cycle means more profit. So one good high speed injection machine will be needed.

It will have high speed injection control system, high speed clamping system.

On visual feature, injection machine accumulator will be added inhigh speed injection machine.

Our high speed injection molding machine has the advantages with the running speed is fast and precise, greatly improving the production environment and production efficiency, can greatly reduce the noise of machine operation and production. It is more efficiency than ordinary injection molding machine.

Our high speed injection molding machine are applied in the field of injectionmolding, such as cosmetic packaging, medical supplies (collecting bloodvessels, needle tubes), dining box knife and fork spoon, film internal paste,chemical paint bucket and other terminal products.

If you have any high speed injection molding machines question, please let us know and inquiry us now.


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