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Functions and advantages of high-speed injection molding machine



In actual application, more and more customers will ask to buy the so-called "high speed injection molding machine" or "fast injection molding machine". Generally speaking, in addition to the needs of the product itself, the purpose is mostly to shorten the molding cycle and increase the output per unit time, thereby reducing production costs and improving competitiveness.

The injection molding machine is mainly composed of frame, sheet metal, clamping mechanism, injection mechanism, electrical control system and hydraulic control.

5 features of high-speed machine

1.High speed
High-precision single-cylinder injection system, suitable for high-speed injection, no injection synchronization problems, low inertia, quick response of injection acceleration and deceleration, injection with accumulator, maximum injection speed range: 300-450mm/sec (usually around 100 for ordinary machines) Deceleration response 30ms (generally hundreds of milliseconds for ordinary machines)

2. High Energy Save
Equipped with a high-response servo system, it can provide the corresponding hydraulic oil output flow according to the needs of the action, without overflow loss, and save energy by 30-70%. Equipped with servo motor for feeding, compared with traditional oil motors, it can save energy consumption and has a more precise position (oil motor can be selected). The movable template adopts a roller type support system to reduce the energy consumption of mold opening and closing.

3.High Injection Precision
Equipped with high-end European KEBA1000/2000 computer controller, precise position and temperature control. Equipped with a precision MOOG servo valve full closed-loop injection system to ensure stable injection (this is the highest configuration, on-site machines are generally equipped with proportional valves). The oil circuit block is directly installed on the actuator, the control setting is more precise and the response is faster. The double injection-moving balance cylinder ensures that the injection platform is evenly stressed.

4. High Stability Circulation Ability
The optimized design of the new clamping mechanism, the movement of the clamping mechanism is fast and stable, 10%-20% faster than previous models. Standard configuration of mold opening and mold support, which greatly saves molding time (realize the two-axis linkage of mold opening and support). Optional servo motor feeding, shorten the molding time by 40% compared with the traditional machine (the three axes of feeding, mold opening and support can be moved simultaneously). The movable template adopts a roller support system to improve the efficiency of mold opening and closing. ※Large length-to-diameter ratio, double-threaded multi-mixing tube group, can fully and quickly melt plastic.

5. High Safety
Triple protection for machinery, hydraulics and electrical appliances. The safety module independently controls mold closing, injection, feeding, and seating without any misoperation and human injury. Hidden mechanical safety mechanism, high safety. Fully enclosed sheet metal.

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