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Difference between high-speed injection molding machine and ordinary injection molding machine


1.High-speed injection molding machines are all electric motors, ordinary injection molding machines are hydraulic injection molding machines, and hydraulic injection molding machines are relatively slow. The servo motor used by the all-electric injection molding machine realizes the opening and closing of molds, ejection and demolding, raw material injection and storage, etc. The operation speed is fast and precise, which greatly improves or improves the production environment and production efficiency. However, servo-electric injection molding machines now only have a clamping force below 850 tons.

2.The high-speed injection molding machine is efficient. The molding process of the ordinary injection molding machine is: clamping-injection-cooling-storage-mold opening-supporting mold-gap time; high-speed injection molding machine adopts three-axis linkage, generally speaking, three Loop. The molding process is: mold clamping-injection-cooling-mold opening (synchronous mold support, storage)-gap time. For example, the molding time of an ordinary injection molding machine for a product is 10 seconds, while the high-speed injection molding machine uses the principle of three-axis linkage, and the molding time is greatly shortened by about 6 seconds, minus two small steps, but the time is increased by about half.

3.High-speed injection molding machines are environmentally friendly, and the standard pumps used in ordinary injection molding machines have greater pollution in terms of electricity, hydraulic oil and noise. The high-speed injection molding machine adopts a hybrid type of oil pump and servo motor.

4.The advantages of the servo hydraulic system are as follows: the implementation of soft-start molds will not affect the power network, and avoid voltage and electrical radiation pollution. It can effectively prevent the oil temperature from being too high and cool down well. Greatly reduce the replacement rate of hydraulic oil. The servo hydraulic system has better click and power system gear pumps, which can greatly reduce machine operation and production noise, and can better improve the working environment.

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