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Shanghai Lisong Injection Molding Technology Co., Ltd is the leading manufacturer of an excellent quality range of 400 ton injection molding machine. This machine finds its best usage to give patterns to different types of plastic injection.

Specification of 400 ton injection molding machine:
Distance between Tie Bars(Width)(mm):700 mm
Distance between Tie Bars(Height)(mm):740 mm
Plastic Processed:PP, PC, ABS, pet, PVC, FRPP/PVC, PPR, EVA, HDPE, MLLDPE, PA, Polystyrene, PE, LDPE, EVOH, HDPE/PP, ABS/PP, PE/PP
Clamping Force (kN):4000KN
Ejector Stroke(mm):170 mm
Ejector Force(kN):110 kN
Theoretical Shot Volume(cm³):2384 cm³
Injection Rate (g/s):479.57 g/s
Machine Type:HYDRAULIC
Injection Weight (g):2170 g
Screw Speed (rpm):1 - 192 rpm
Screw diameter (mm):90 mm
Screw L/D Ratio:17
Distance between Tie Bars:740mm*700mm
Weight (KG):16000
Type:Preform Injection
Open Stroke(mm):650 mm
Power (kW):39.4 kW

Our 400 ton injection molding machine have Double guide post support, twin-cylinder balanced injection, continuous high torsion hydraulic motor ditectly drives the screw plastic melting device, forcefully closed type base advance device, high quality nitroalloy steel screw and barrel. Bi-metal surface treatment mades extra long service life possible. Screws of three different diameters, A,B and C are available. When combining various special-purposed injectiong devices it can ensure the forming of all kinds of plastic.

400 ton injection molding machine's Servo system:
1. High performance energy saving result realize the reduction of cost.
2. Not only save energy, but also realize the precise speed and pressure control.
3. High efficiency, lower oil temperature, make oil talk much smaller, extend the use of hydraulic oil and elements.

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